Women Empowering Women

Inclusion is Everything


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Our Values


We believe that Education is the path to self-actualization


We believe in encouraging the promotion of rights


We believe in upholding the value of each individual


We believe in creating a support system for all members of the community


We believe in the elevation of the individual through life skills development

Our Programs


TAIBA's mentorship program aims to solve a pressing issue in the Muslim community: inclusion. This program will serve the inclusion and building values...

Social Gatherings

The second bucket of TAIBA's program aims to serve the teaching, advocacy, and inclusion values of our organization. These social and education gatherings have an expected intimate attendance...

skills building workshops

The skills building portion of our programming embodies our value of advancement. These workshop style events have an expected attendance...


Why Taiba


Taiba is the name of the city of the Prophet, (PBUH), more commonly known as Medina. The city was previously known as Yathrib, which comes from Tharb (“corruption”). The Prophet commanded that the name be changed to Taibah, which has a meaning that is opposite to Yathrib. Taiba should be a home, a refuge, a safe space for kindness, forgiveness, and growth.