Taiba Membership


Welcome to Taiba!

Join us! Taiba's membership aims to create a community of women that are united through sisterhood. As a member, you benefit from being a part of a community of talented women that are equipped to address diversity and inclusion in the Muslim community.

Your Sponsorship impact:

  • Taiba talks participant $50

    A three month leadership program of intercultural training. 

  • Diabetes participant $50

    A six week training among Muslim community about healthy eating and active living.


Membership Includes:

  • Up to 50% Discounts with us and partners.

  • Exclusive Access to “At the Table”, Taiba’s monthly in-office sisters’ meet-up.

  • Priority registration: First to access tickets, entry, and seat at events.

Price: $50/Year

For more information, please contact


Disclaimer: Members are considered "Friends of Taiba" and  therefore have no voting rights in organization.