Special Announcements


Since the launch of TAIBA, we have been committed to creating an organization that fosters connection with God, Self, and Others.

As we continue in serving this mission, we are excited to announce Ms. Sonia Chinn as Interim Executive Director (ED) of TAIBA. Sonia brings 20+ years of professional experience in both non-profit and for profit sectors.  Sonia was the first appointed Muslim Human Rights Commissioner in New York State where she adjudicated human rights violations. Since relocating to Houston, Sonia has served on Houston Mayor's Council for refugees and Immigrants. Additionally, she is a full time educator and Department Chair at the prestigious Village School.

Sonia has already been working with TAIBA as a volunteer for the past few months. In this short time, Sonia has demonstrated strong leadership skills. She has implemented an innovative project for TAIBA members called the Capstone Project, which helps people plan and execute a community project they are passionate about. 

We look forward to elevating the impact TAIBA has had on our community. May Allah put baraka in our mission and allow us to continue to touch the lives of women in the greater Houston area in more ways than imagined.