Our Programs



  • TAIBA's mentorship program, Salam Sisters, aims to solve a pressing issue in the Muslim community: inclusion. This program will serve the inclusion and building values of our organization. This program aims to serve converts/reverts and refugees specifically. 
  • After going through applications and background checks, our mentors and mentees are matched through CHRONUS software.  There are 6 month and 12 months cohorts. Mentors and mentees will have quarterly surveys to gauge their progress and evaluate their experience.

  • Salam Sisters benefit from trainings, leadership trainings, and personalized development goals according to their interests: personal, spiritual, professional. 

  • This program uniquely sources its mentors from the talented pool of Muslim women professionals in our community as well as the older members of our community to act as resources and support systems to our vulnerable communities.


social gatherings

  • The second bucket of TAIBA's program aims to serve the teaching, advocacy, and inclusion values of our organization. These provide support for new or existing members of the communities in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • These gatherings will be hosted in various venues around Houston, mainly community centers such as Islam in Spanish and The Dawah Center, as well as local places of worship such as the main five mosques that we have established a presence in: El Farouq (Memorial), Mariam (Sugarland), Katy, Hamza (Alief), Main center (Upper Kirby).


skills building workshops

  • The skills building portion of our programming embodies our value of advancement. These workshop style events will be hosted at local masjid in Houston or hosted at homes of participants.
  • These focus on skills such as financial literacy, parenting, self-care, emotional intelligence, ESL, and resume writing. We are also talking to partners for such classes as self-defense, anti-bullying, and even public speaking.


Note: Mentorship exclusive events are only for mentors and mentees in the Salam Sisters program. For more information and to sign up email us at info@Taiba-usa.org