Our Team


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Suzanne Itani

Founder, and President of the Board

Taiba is the vision of Suzanne Itani, a philanthropist and "Revert" to Islam. Raised as the daughter of a grass roots activist in Mississippi during civil rights movement, she has been a passionate advocate for vulnerable communities including refugees, women, and youth and has aided in sponsoring programs with both local and international nonprofits such as Amaanah Refugees, Interfaith Ministries, Helping Hand and UNICEF among others.

Now Suzanne has taken her advocacy a step further by creating a nonprofit which aims to provide services to a under-served group in the Muslim community: women.  With programs focusing on mentorship, social and educational gatherings, and skills building, TAIBA aims to serve this group.

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Joe Bradford

VP of the Board

Joe is an American Scholar of Islam, instructor, entrepreneur, and ethical investments advisor.  He regularly lectures on topics such as Islamic law, legal theory, financial ethics, and thought. 

Joe graduated with an LLB in comparative Islamic Law and Legal Theory form the Islamic University of Medina, KSA focusing on financial law, legal maxims, the legal thought of the Hanbali school. In 2005, Joe became the first American to be accepted to the Masters of Law program in the same university. Shortly thereafter Joe started work as a senior consultant in Islamic banking, specializing in deal structuring, drafting review, and Shariah compliance. In 2009, Joe received his Master of Law In adjudication in the Shafi school of Islamic Law. Joe also attended Rice University's Financial Planning program.

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Nadeen Mustafa

Executive Director

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Nadeen is a democracy activist, a women's advocate, and leader in the Libyan-American community.

Nadeen has done significant work with program and project management catalyzing grassroots change including serving as the President and on the board  of directors for five years at the Libyan American Organization. Recently moving back from New York ,where she led the Social Impact department at a tech startup, Nadeen's passion is capacity building. In the past, she worked with Interfaith Ministries, the World Affairs Council, the Clinton Global Initiative, and United Nations Women in Jordan and NYC.

Nadeen has her Masters in International Affairs in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University in New York City, and she earned her BA in International Development, Finance, and economics from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas early with the highest honors.  She is currently pursing a Certificate for Leadership for Nonprofit Executives at Rice University.

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Mays Kseibi

Program Coordinator

As an educational management leader, Mays is driven to develop holistic strategies that are easily tailored to enrich the experiences of unique student populations. Being a multicultural educator, Mays has an extensive background knowledge in international student services and academic population in order to foster their academic success. By promoting an environment, which inspires and engages students, Mays works closely with team members to bring forth innovative ideas that will enhance the skills of students and build future leaders. She has a master in educational management development and currently serves as the Core Curriculum Director of the Summer of hope program in Houston. Previously Mays was the principal of Iman Academy.