Our Team



Nadeen Mustafa

Executive Director

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Nadeen is a social impact professional, a women's advocate, and leader in the Libyan-American and Muslim communities.

Nadeen has done significant work with program and project management catalyzing grassroots change including serving as the President and on the board of directors for five years at the Libyan American Organization, the Campus ambassador for the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Global Ambassador for Libya at the World Affairs Council in Houston.

Nadeen's passion is capacity building. In New York City, she led the Social Impact department at a tech startup and supported entrepreneurship with United Nations Women in Jordan and NYC. Currently she is the Executive Director of TAIBA USA, which is a nonprofit that supports inclusion training and mentorship for women, by women in the Muslim community.

Nadeen has her Masters in International Affairs in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University in New York City, and earned her BA in International Development, Finance, and economics from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas with the highest honors.  She recently earned her Certificate for Leadership for Nonprofit Executives from Rice University.


Mays Kseibi

Program Manager

As an educational management leader, Mays is driven to develop holistic strategies that are easily tailored to enrich the experiences of unique student populations. Being a multicultural educator, Mays has an extensive background knowledge in international student services and academic population in order to foster their academic success. By promoting an environment, which inspires and engages students, Mays works closely with team members to bring forth innovative ideas that will enhance the skills of students and build future leaders. She has a master in educational management development and currently serves as the Educational Director of the Summer of hope program in Houston. Previously Mays was the principal of Iman Academy.

Mays makes volunteerism a priority in serving refugee communities rebuild their life skills in the United States. Serving the community for over 10 years through non profit organizations, community outreach and implementing fundraising strategies for great cause that can positively impact on the lives of people.  “The joy in dedicating my time for the happiness of others is what keeps me inspired”


Khalis Rashaad

Accountant CPA

Taiba's accounting and financial record keeping are in the care of Rashaad & Associates, an independent accounting firm.

Khalis Rashaad has a joint background as a student of both Accounting/Finance and Islamic Studies. He has studied numerous sciences of the tradition, including Qur’anic exegesis, Arabic language and basic jurisprudence under the tutelage of several teachers and scholars.  Khalis’ teaching style focuses on empowering others to engage the Qur’an and Prophetic example and apply in their lives in a practical way. Currently he serves as the resident imam of Ibrahim Islamic Center.  Ibrahim Islamic Center is a mosque that focuses not only on the spiritual needs of its members, but also on the socio-economic issues in the urban community surrounding the center. Khalis Rashaad maintains an active role in community outreach. He works on initiatives assisting new converts, at-risk youth and ex-offenders. He also assists at mosques and organizations locally and nationally. He often leads the Friday talks and conducts classes and workshops on the Islamic sciences, social justice, finance and entrepreneurship.



Abdullah Rasheed

Web Director

Abdullah Rasheed is an active member of the Houston Islamic Community.

As an Associate Imam of Masjid Warithudeen Mohammed and Masjid Al Quran of Houston, he delivers weekly Friday sermons, serves as the Administrator for the Weekend Islamic School, and the President of the Young Muslim Association.

Abdullah works with several youth and community outreach programs. On a regular basis, he participates in national and local programs, such as Kamp Khalil, Compt-U-Dopt, Need-to-Feed and others.

As an entrepreneur and Imam, Abdullah travels throughout the United States giving religious and business presentations. The foundational economic phrase of “Do for self” has been a prominent component structuring his social and business life.

His most valuable characteristic is his humility and his desire to help others. One of his favorite phrases is: “If you strive with inadequate resources, Allah will bless you with adequate resources.”

Abdullah Rasheed holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is a family man, with his greatest fulfillment coming from his wife and 3.


Iman Malik

Marketing & Impact Intern

Iman Malik graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. She has volunteered at CAIR Chicago and a local community clinic in Houston as their event manager. Iman loves graphic design and helps create content for our social media and other marketing collaterals. She is new to Houston and loves how TAIBA makes her feel welcome.


Aksa Siddiqui

Social Media & Impact Intern

Aksa Siddiqui graduated from the University of Houston in 2016 with a Bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. She is currently attending the University of St. Thomas pursuing a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. She also volunteers at MD Anderson and various animal shelters. At TAIBA Aksa manages social media and marketing strategy. She loves being a part of the TAIBA family!