Board Members

SUZANNE ITANI     Founder and President of the Board


Founder and President of the Board

Growing up in Mississippi amidst the turmoil of the civil rights movement, Suzanne developed a passion to help the vulnerable. Daughter of a grassroots activist who instilled the principles of being both open-hearted and open-handed, she found her true home in the Islamic faith. As a “Revert” to Islam, Suzanne has taken her advocacy a step further by creating Taiba, a nonprofit which aims to connect and provide services to an under-served group in our community: Muslim women.

Sheikh Joe Bradford     VP of the Board

Sheikh Joe Bradford

VP of the Board


Joe is an American Scholar of Islam, instructor, entrepreneur, and ethical investments advisor.  He regularly lectures on topics such as Islamic law, legal theory, financial ethics, and thought. 

Joe graduated with an LLB in comparative Islamic Law and Legal Theory from the Islamic University of Medina, KSA focusing on financial law, legal maxims, the legal thought of the Hanbali school. In 2005, Joe became the first American to be accepted to the Masters of Law program in the same university. Shortly thereafter Joe started work as a senior consultant in Islamic banking, specializing in deal structuring, drafting review, and Shariah compliance. In 2009, Joe received his Master of Law In adjudication in the Shafi school of Islamic Law. Joe also attended Rice University's Financial Planning program.

Tehmina Masud

Tehmina Masud


Tehmina has been a volunteer and advocate for refugees and vulnerable members of the Muslim community for over ten years in Houston. She has worked with such organizations as interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston, DAYA, and others.




Dr. Ketam Hamdan holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her dissertation research was on Spiritual Bypassing; how Muslims may use spiritual practices to bypass psychological issues. She also holds a Masters in Theological Studies in religion and psychology from Harvard University, as well as a Master’s of Science from Columbia University in Strategic Communications. Furthermore, she has worked around the world as an international management consultant and is passionate about fusing together multiple disciplines (i.e. psychology, leadership, religion, and neuroscience) to help awaken and make people more self-aware.

Recently, Dr. Hamdan helped launch Sakina Center, a non-profit Muslim mental health center in the Houston Community. She continuously gives mental health presentations on a variety of topics and leads development workshops to diverse audiences. She specializes in relationships and is passionate about healing broken hearts and teaching people how to have happier relationships. Dr. Hamdan does not see educating and helping people as a profession, she sees it as her life work.




Noor Daoudi serves on the board of Taiba USA. She is a native Houstonian with Syrian roots, and a lifelong interest in health and beauty.

Noor cofounded Xtreme Lashes in 2005. She codeveloped the eyelash extension procedure, products, and training, and served in executive leadership positions for 14 years.

Currently she is exploring ventures in the health and wellness space.