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Taiba Talks

TAIBA Talks, where Muslim women learn & teach the Art of Connection through 8 workshops. Each session is taught by exceptional Muslimahs in the local community over the course of 3 months. TAIBA participants reflect on their learning through group discussions, then apply their new skills by leading a project in their local community.


  • 7 Sessions (two Thursdays a month) 

  • Capstone Community Project

  • Monthly Discussion Groups

  • Opportunity to Train community leaders on Inclusion

  • Graduation Certificate

  • Access to great Muslim Female mentors 

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 Taiba Talks Topics Fall 2019


This Fall’s Theme is “The Art of Connection”

  1. Connection to God, Self & Others

  2. Connection to Self Part 1: Preparing yourself for connection & healing

  3. Connection to Self Part 2: Knowing yourself

  4. Connecting through Effective Communication

  5. Connecting through Community Participation

  6. Connecting through Conflict Resolution

  7. Connecting through Forgiveness


Taiba Talks Topics Fall 2019


tAIBA TALKS I: Connection to God, Self & Others with Safiya ravat

Safiya is the Female Religious Director at Maryam Islamic Center in Sugar Land. She will be discussing the following topics:

What we expect from God vs. what we expect from others (How Tawakkul changes your relationship with others)

  • Framing relationships within the lens of relationship with God

  • Justice & Mercy in relationships (justice = rights & responsibilities)


taiba talks ii: Connection to self part 1 with dr. khetam hamdan

Dr. Khetam Hamdan holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her dissertation research was on Spiritual Bypassing; how Muslims may use spiritual practices to bypass psychological issues. She also holds a Masters in Theological Studies in religion and psychology from Harvard University, as well as a Master’s of Science from Columbia University in Strategic Communications. Furthermore, she has worked around the world as an international management consultant and is passionate about fusing together multiple disciplines (i.e. psychology, leadership, religion, and neuroscience) to help awaken and make people more self-aware.


TAIBA TALKS III: Connectionto self part 2 with asma mirza

Asma Mirza is one of the youngest female tech entrepreneurs in the United States. Asma has been named among the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in Texas, and her company has been named Top 5 Startups Globally by Google. She will be discussing the following topics:

Values, principles, beliefs, gifts (Integrity)

  • Personal Purpose


taiba talks iv: Connecting through EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS WITH AMAL KASSIR

Amal Kassir is a Muslim woman, born and raised in Denver, Colorado to a German-Iowan mother and a Syrian father. She is an international spoken word poet, having performed in 10 countries and over 45 cities. She will be discussing the following topics:

  • Listening

  • Articulating

TAIBA TALKS V: Connecting through community participation with jane aslam

Sister Jane Aslam is in a leadership position with the nation’s largest domestic, Islamic faith-based, social services and disaster response agency. She is responsible for guidance and direction, implementation, oversight and monitoring of the national, disaster response program. Including all phases of disaster. She present at national conferences, conduct disaster related workshops, facilitate community based team building, and advocate for the needs of survivors of disasters – both Muslim and non-Muslim. She serves as agency liaison to NVOAD (National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) and to other national, federal and state level partners, nationwide. She serves on several Board of Directors, as Committee Member, and as outreach point of contact. She serves as Team Lead for Program Development and for the agency’s National Grant Writing Team.

Taiba talks vi: Connecting through conflict resolution with zuhaira razzak

Zuhaira Razzack is the founding principal and board member of ILM Academy, a full-time Islamic school in Houston, TX.  She has a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Rice University, an undergraduate degree in Biology from Wellesley College, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Religion in Islamic Studies and Leadership from Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate School. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston and has spoken publicly about Islam and Muslims in America.  Her work revolves around improving the academic and social dimensions of the American Muslim community, in varying capacities such as through schools, interfaith activities, and youth groups, in an effort to help establish healthy Muslim communities as an integral part of the greater American society.

Taiba talks vIi: Connecting through Forgiveness with farhat shamsi

Ustadha Farhat Ahmed Shamsi is the foudner of Quran & Soul. Having studied under highly regarded world-renowned scholars Farhat Ahmed continues as a student of knowledge, instructor and public speaker with students here in the U.S.A. and abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for women only?

Our program is open to all women ages 21 and up. 

 Is babysitting provided?

Yes, free babysitting is available.

Can unregistered guests come to the talks?

Unfortunately, due to limited seating we cannot host unregistered guests but everyone is welcome to the Special Sessions.

Where is it?

To be announced.

What time is it?

Every alternate Thursday from 7-9 PM.

When are the Special Sessions?

To be announced.

Do we need to bring a journal?

Registered guests will be provided with a TAIBA Talks Journal.


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